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Anyone else playing the Winters Day festivities? I've fallen in love with Guild Wars all over again this week. Created a new character an Elementalist/Monk and I'm trying my hand at being the group healer which is tricky seeing as I'm used to being the first person to die!
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Starting on the 23rd, the 4th year anniversary begins. I know not everyone reads forums / checks the website, so I'll just dump this here.

Highlights include:

* Increased storage. You get some free, you pay for more
* Zaishen Menagerie. Store your pets + their evolutions (I think this is the pet zoo people have been asking for for three years)
* Zaishen quests.

Plus the usual birthday bonuses. Boardwalk opens in Shing Jea, cuppycakes drop from monsters.

There's other things too! Go check out the page + the links in it.

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For those of you who don't follow forums have this tidbit:

There will be no skill balance this month as the team plans on focusing on the April Update expected at the end of the month. The official word from Regina Buenaobra is:


We just want to give you a quick heads-up.

We know that you are expecting some skill balance updates coming with tomorrow’s build. We will have our regular monthly build, bringing you your Tournament Reward Points, changing the map rotation for the MAT and updating the tonic flavor of the month, but unfortunately we will be unable to do any skill changes.

We are aware that some of you will not be happy to hear this, but let us give you the reason for this, so you might understand our decision.

As you are aware, we are currently working very hard on our big April update. And of course, big updates need a lot of testing and resources. We want the update to be a high quality experience you can fully enjoy, so we are dedicating a lot of time to testing it. With a game as complex as Guild Wars and an update as significant as this one, very thorough testing is required. Every addition or change has the potential to affect other areas of the game, sometimes in unexpected ways. Skill changes also need to be fully tested, so we were running into a situation where we risked releasing either the skill balance or the April update itself without the level of polish, consideration, and testing that it should have.

After discussion with members of the Live, QA, Design, and Community Teams, we decided that this month we needed to devote the team’s full focus on getting the April update ready.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we hope that you understand the reasoning behind this decision.


We will still be getting Easter drops this weekend, she confirms this later in the Guru thread. So expect a build to hit some time later today (Late evening / early AM for euros, early evening for USians). This build will bring last month's reward points too, so if you voted in the monthly ATs, stop by Kun Shao to pick up your rewards. :)
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This is a community post. Whee.


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